About me

Sandrine Fouilhoux is a multidisciplinary creator and the founder of Por La Kulture (PLK), an emerging art and design brand. She has been primarily rooted in the US since the 1990s and currently lives in Miami Beach, often traveling to New York City and France.

She was born into an artistic family in France and was primarily raised in Cyprus. As an adult, she has lived and traveled extensively across Europe, Asia, and North America, spending time in major fashion hubs such as Paris and Tokyo for her work with modeling agencies and fashion houses. Her experience working in multiple creative roles paved the way for her founding Por La Kulture.

During the pandemic, she began experimenting with epoxy resin, fiber optics, acrylic paint, fabrics, clay, and more to create unique functional sculptures. What began as a playful experiment in 2020 transformed into a much bigger vision for Por La Kulture. Inspired by hip-hop and weed culture, she wanted to create functional, beautiful, and one-of-a- kind ashtrays each piece is completely original, often

containing real blunts and joints sealed in epoxy, forming both provocative artworks and practical items. Several trays also have unique collectible elements, such as the MTA Biggie Card. Founding PLK marks a new tangent of her creative endeavors and builds off her long and fruitful career in fashion, which spanned several decades. Sandrine’s background includes working in brand design, styling runway shows, and working on the sets of music videos. She has collaborated with iconic cultural figures such as Keyshia Cole, Nelly, Lil Wayne, and Jamie Foxx, as a celebrity stylist.

Additionally, her work has been featured in a variety of magazines, including The Source, King, XXL, and Essence. Much of her past work was in collaboration with her creative director and friend, Curtis Davis.

She references this background and passion for fashion by playfully incorporating fabric and jewelry in her original ashtray designs. PLK, as a creative brand, encapsulates Sandrine’s professional experiences, travels, and talents while venturing into experimental territory. Her goal is to create art that’s practicable and usable in everyday life.